We can offer all Types of Meat frozen and fresh, Dishes, Drinks, and other products of Groceries !!! We have Red Bull, Heineken and Pampers !!!
  • Welcome to Euro HALAL Food
    We can Offer good Business, with Meat, Dishes & Deli, Drink, Fruit & Vegetables, Canned, Sweets profitable for both parts.
  • We can offer also:
    We can offer ALL TYPES of FOOD. starting with Meat, Dishes & Deli, Dairy & Eggs, Sweets, Grocerie, Dishes, Fruit & Vegetables, Drinks and all types of Canned,
  • Fruits & Vegetables !!!
    We can offer all types, Canned, Fresh, Frozen or Dried, packing with Private Label.

  • Meat

    Poultry, Beef, Sheep, Turkey, Fish & Seafood. Snails

  • Dairy & Eggs

    Eggs, Powder Eggs, Milk, Powder Milk, Cheese

  • Drinks

    Non-Alcoholic, Water, Energizer, Other

  • Fruit & Vegetables

    Apple, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Onion, Vegetables, Fruits

  • Grocery

    Olive, Olive oil, Pasta, Spices, Pickles, Specialties

  • Sweets

    Candy, Wafer, Biscuits, Sweets, Croissants, Pretzels, Chocolate

  • Dishes & Deli

    Salami, Sausage, Wurst, Ham, Hamburger and Other 

  • Canned

    Canned, Meat Canned, Fruits Canned, Vegetables Canned

  • Other

    Pampers, Packaging, Toilet Paper, Napkins, Other.


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